Water scarcity and climate change: How QUANTEEC can make a concrete difference

Water scarcity and climate change (source: Unsplash/ Matt Palmer)ECW footprint

As the demand for computer servers continues to grow, the use of water for cooling electronic components has become a popular solution. However, this method also presents some challenges, concerns and environmental impact such as water consumption, environmental impact and increased costs and complexity of the cooling system.

One of the main concerns is water consumption. Computer servers generate a large amount of heat, which requires a significant amount of water to cool them off. This can contribute to water scarcity in some areas of the world, especially if potable water is used to cool the servers.

Another issue is the environmental impact. The water used in computer servers must be treated and disposed of properly in order to minimize its impact on the environment. If not handled properly, the water used in servers can contain chemicals and other contaminants that would eventually damage water and soil.

Furthermore, using water in servers could increase the costs and complexity of the cooling system. Immersion cooling systems, for example, can be expensive and require regular maintenance to ensure that the water is kept clean and in the right conditions. This implies more energy and resources.

QUANTEEC is a revolutionary sustainable streaming technology provider. Our technology allows for significant energy savings which in turn reduces the water used in energy production. This is achieved through the use of advanced algorithms and technology that optimize the distribution and delivery of video streams, thus reducing the energy required to transmit the video. 

In the video streaming sector, QUANTEEC technology allows for scaling the audience up, generating close to complete autonomy from the servers. This means that for any live popular sport event, QUANTEEC deploys a spider web connecting all video players available, turning every device into a small CDN, while ensuring dedicated optimized quality to each one. The more viewers, the fewer servers needed, resulting in up to 50% energy savings.

Microsoft’s data center in Dublin (source: Microsoft)

In an ideal world, the best solution would be to stop overexploiting resources, but with the steadily increasing demand from users, we must change the paradigm. By shifting towards the use of resources already at our disposal, such as QUANTEEC technology, we can reduce the ECW (Electricity, Carbon, Water) footprints that are currently causing negative impacts on the environment. 

One of the most compelling benefits of QUANTEEC technology is the ability to scale the audience up. With our technology, it is possible to reach up to 20 times more viewers without the need to deploy new servers. This way, the use of water and overall energy is reduced for the benefit of the planet.

At QUANTEEC, we understand that energy production has a significant impact on the environment: for each kWh produced, 2.9 liters of water are used and 442g of CO₂ are released. By reducing the streaming energy consumption, we are not only saving costs but also reducing the environmental impact. QUANTEEC is a revolutionary win-win solution.

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