QUANTEEC Partners with Orange Wholesale for an Insightful Webinar

Excitement abounds as QUANTEEC proudly announces its collaboration with Orange Wholesale for an unmissable 45-minute free live webinar! In a joint effort to delve into the realms of sustainable streaming technology, we invite you to join this enlightening session sponsored by Orange Wholesale.

Mark your calendars for Thursday, December 7th, at 14:00 CET, as Sa Eva Nébié takes the virtual stage to share invaluable insights. The star of the show, our CEO Daniel Négru, will represent QUANTEEC, offering a firsthand look into the latest innovations shaping the landscape of sustainable streaming.

This is your golden opportunity to unravel the unique advantages that position Orange Wholesale as a trusted green CDN operator, powered by the groundbreaking technology of QUANTEEC. Save your spot for the webinar and explore the seamless synergy of innovation and sustainability here.

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A heartfelt appreciation extends to François Collobert and Laurent Talibart, whose contributions have been instrumental in orchestrating this event. A special shoutout goes to Serge ARMAGAN for his exceptional dedication and collaborative efforts alongside our team. Your commitment has played a pivotal role in bringing this event to fruition.

In the spirit of collaboration and shared knowledge, we eagerly anticipate your presence at this illuminating webinar. Let’s collectively explore the transformative possibilities that emerge when industry leaders unite for a sustainable future!

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