FEEDCONSTRUCT and QUANTEEC join forces to level up streaming technology for live sporting events

Data feed solutions specialist FEEDCONSTRUCT and fair streaming technology provider QUANTEEC are announcing a new partnership to shift the live streaming paradigm towards better performance and greater sustainability.

In the current context witnessing both exponential demand for content streaming and increasing energy usage, the need for affordable yet efficient and scalable streaming solutions is greater than ever. So as to meet their viewers quality expectations, FEEDCONSTRUCT has selected QUANTEEC to gear up its live streams delivery with additional game-changing features.  

Merging streaming performance and sustainability on a global scale 

This partnership represents a milestone towards the establishment of a groundbreaking streaming paradigm in this highly competitive sector. 

The world of sports stands at a technological crossroads: the ever-growing expectations from fans to access live content streaming of their favourite teams/sports has been constantly challenging the robustness and quality of the broadcasters infrastructure, those facing recurrent crashes. Meanwhile, streaming keeps expanding as the highest energy-consuming online service. 

The FEEDCONSTRUCT-QUANTEEC initiative opens up a prolific horizon in those matters:

  • Maximization of quality of service for large audiences of viewers, ensuring that content is delivered through a seamless streaming experience regardless of related parameters (stable connection, global location, terminal).
  • Development of new features and capabilities that will enhance the viewer experience and set ground for both emergence and increase of customized fan engagement opportunities.
  • Large scale measurement of the streaming impact on the Carbon-Electricity-Water (CEW) footprints label.
  • Consolidation of FEEDCONSTRUCT and QUANTEEC as leading OTT trailblazers for eco-friendly streaming.

About the partners

FEEDCONSTRUCT stands out as a global key actor in the field of live video streaming delivery, providing live scouting data, odds feed, statistics widgets, and more. 

Their innovative data feed solutions cover pre-match, live, and post-match data for a wide range of sporting events, meeting all of their clients’ needs and exceeding their expectations.

QUANTEEC has been emerging as the French innovation-focused start-up offering unique technology for the shift towards fully sustainable and highly performing streaming. 

Relying on a decentralized approach, QUANTEEC reduces the dependency on traditional streaming servers by connecting all available devices and allowing them to act as « smarts re-streamers ». This impacts significantly on the need for large, energy-intensive servers, leading to significant energy saving, with metrics showing up to more than 50% reduction in energy consumption, while at the same time, scaling up to 20 times more viewers.

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